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"De Backer is an artist with vision. She is also active in literature, theater and performance. Her art is something deep and essential. This album sounds incredibly promising for future work."

Stef Gijssels on 'Granular', The Free Jazz Collective (1/07/20)****1/2

"Granular proves to be a successful balancing act. Taken from sessions spread over three days, both live and in the studio, the seven parts serve as a highly personal puzzle, while also engaging the listener to dive in. There is hardly a conventional sound or technique to be heard, yet the music evolves with an organic flow that keeps things fresh and captivating throughout. Even though the sources and approach involved a heavy dose of fragmentation, taken together, the granules paint a picture that feels complete and stimulates the imagination."

Guy Peters on 'Granular', Enola, Jazzlab,... (2019)

"The pallet is exceptionally wide - from silent to crackling loud, from fierce drones to whispered conversation between saxophone valves and everything in between - but always crushingly intimate, as if you were right in the middle of it. The fall of soundscapes is carefully avoided as something is always happening, even in the most patiently constructed sequences. In other words, g a b b r o has found its own sound, which makes us extremely curious about the continuation of the oeuvre."

Stijn Buyst on 'Granular', Gonzo Circus (January 2020)

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