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 g a b b r o 

is a conglomerate of sounds, musicians and places led by Belgian saxophonist Hanne De Backer. The aim of each production of  g a b b r o  is to confront improvised music with unexpected locations and explore the impact of these locations and its inhabitants on the music itself. 

So far,  g a b b r o  has been playing and recording in empty exhibiton-halls, old sewage systems, parking lots, laundrettes, the prison of Antwerp, on roofs and mountains and, for the last project, along the Belgian coastline.  g a b b r o  has released three well-received albums on two Belgian labels: 'gabbro'  (El Negocito Records, 2017) and 'granular' (Dropa Disc, 2019) and the latest album'The Moon Appears When The Water Is Still'  independently (g a b b r o records, 2023).

Musicians and other people who have been collaborating and contributing to the released music and videos are Marc De Maeseneer (baritone saxophone), Agnes Hvizdalek (voice), Raphael Malfliet (el. bass), Henrik Munkeby Nostebø (trombone), Raf Vertessen (drums), Andreas Bral (piano), Yuni Mahieu (camera), Christophe Albertijn (sound, mixing), Robbe Maes (camera), Jochem Baelus (camera), Seppe Van Grieken (camera), Filip Wauters (sound, mixing), Gerard Herman (lay-out), Kris Delacourt (lay-out), Charline Tyberghein (artwork), Justin Plakas (artwork), Karel De Backer (mastering), Frederic Allstadt (mastering), Sound In Motion.

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