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In March 2021, together with Brooklyn-based drummer Raf Vertessen and Belgian pianist Andreas Bral, Hanne walked the whole Belgian coastline in the company of a camel and a camera crew. The goal was to register this coastline by recording the musical impressions of the trio alongside the road. Everyday improvised sets were played and recorded on different locations in- and outdoors, starting at the French border and ending five days later at the border with the Netherlands.

The result will be a 45-minutes music documentary; an ode to imagination and persistence, a plea for slowing down and truly encountering one another. 

"Armed with backpacks, winter coats, hats and an inseparable wagon, the three musicians, together with their camel and camera crew, travel over empty beaches, mist-shrouded dikes and through dunes, accompanied only by the murmur of the North Sea and the whooshing of a biting wind. They improvise in the sand, in a church, on a breakwater. Sometimes with turbulent spontaneity, but just as often with hypnotic sounds. The film moves at its own pace and shows the Belgian coast in all its battered glory, but just as striking are the surprised and amused looks of passers-by. The impression that reverberates most, however, is that of a concentrated calm, an attempt to slow down time imbued with a dreamy, almost melancholic poetry."  (Guy Peeters)

The release of this movie will be in March 2023, together with the release of the album of the trio.

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