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During the fall of 2022, the many hours of music that were made along the coastline in 2021, were listened to again. Based on transcriptions of the music, together with the memory of the sounds during the journey, new compositions were written by Hanne.

Then in November, again together with Raf and Andreas,  g a b b r o  went into the woods of Barvaux, Belgium. During a three day residency, the trio found time to come back together by exploring the written material and reflecting on their musical direction and identity. 

The result of this residency was then captured in the Jet Studio's in Brussels on 1st and 2nd of December 2022 by Staf Verbeeck. It has become a very personal album that we are looking forward to share with the world.


On 1st of March 'The moon appears when the water is still' will be coming out as the first album on the new  g a b b r o records label and released on bandcamp and streaming platforms.

passed away yesterday in a whisperHanne De Backer, Andreas Bral, Raf Vertessen
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Met Steun van de Vlaamse overheid

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